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Enrichment that helps your dog thrive

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The Lively Mat is a Spa Like Treatment for Your Dog

Lively Mat is the most advanced lick mat on the market

Relieves Boredom

Soothes Anxiety

Enhances Brain Function

Slows Down Speed Eaters



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3 Reasons You Need the Livley Mat

You Have a Busy Schedule

Whether it's work, errands, or social commitments, your life keeps you moving. The Livley Lick Mat keeps your dog happily occupied back at home.

Your Dog Has Excess Energy

Especially for high-energy breeds, the lick mat provides a mental workout that can help tire them out just as effectively as physical exercise.

You’re Concerned About Separation Anxiety

The lick mat can help soothe anxiety by giving your dog a calming activity to focus on when you're not around.

German Shepherd sitting next to a puzzle feeder on a tiled floor indoors.

Real Reviews From Our Customers


These mats are so great - they keep my dogs busy and slow down their scarfing. The suction cups hold the mats down and it’s well designed with so many options for wet and dry food. Highly recommend!!

- Maggie C. |

Verified Buyer

Dog Loves It!

I am super happy with this mat! It was a Christmas gift for my pup and she spent about twenty minutes on it. I love all the different section and the suction rocks - it does not move once you put in on the floor. Well made. Very happy with purchase!

- Rachael L. |

Verified Buyer

Australian Shepherd dog lying on a floral carpet, looking up at the camera.

Fling Loves It!

Fling zips through dinner in a flash. This really does slow her down while engaging her. The suction cups on bottom keep the mat from skidding around on floor. Nice.

Robert Wheaton

Verified Buyer

Stylized illustration of a light bulb with glowing filament lines.

Mental Enrichment

Stylized illustration of a paw print surrounded by teal leaves.

Anxiety Relief 

Illustration of an hourglass with brain-shaped ends.

Keeps dog busy

A green silicone sensory fidget toy with various textures and shapes.

Good for Dental Health

Shiny, clean tooth illustration with sparkles.

Slows Down Meal Time

Icon of a clock above a dog food bowl with a bone on it.

For Dog of All Sizes

Stylized illustration of two cartoon dogs, one larger and one smaller, with a simplistic design.



Fill With Treats


Place On Floor


Clean in the dish washer

Lively Mat VS Others

5 Texture Zones

Dish Washer Safe

Anti Flip Suction Cups

BPA Free Silicon

Satisfaction Guarantee

Lively Mat

30 Day 

Other Lick Mats


Frequently Asked Questions

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